Waterlogic Tap — Another Firewall Water Dispenser from Waterlogic

Waterlogic Latest Firewall Water Dispensers

Offering 99.9999% pure drinking water, the Waterlogic Tap is available in a stylish black/brushed metal finish with easy-clean touch screen controls. The Waterlogic Tap incorporates the unique Firewall™ technology from Waterlogic and offers water dispensing in a combination of cold, sparkling and ambient options.

The innovative Firewall technology incorporates a highly specialised UV system in the faucet/tap, ensuring that water is 99.9999% purified as it is dispensed into a cup. The Firewall also acts as a barrier preventing back-contamination from the outside. Tests by two respected and independent laboratories in China and Germany confirm this point of differentiation. In addition to the NSF/ANSI 55 Class ‘A’ certification for the UV, the Firewall technology was tested and certified by the WQA as being able to use the term “water purifier” (NSF/P231 Protocol) and is the only POU water dispenser technology with both these certifications