The Galaxy Note – What is it?

Korean-based electronics firm, Samsung, will unveil three ‘new’ products at this year’s IFA Tech Fair, in Berlin, Germany.

The event, which takes place in just under a week’s time, will see upgraded versions of two existing products, the Galaxy Tab and the Wave smartphone, put on display, while a brand new (and currently, secret) product, the Galaxy Note, will see the light of day for the first time. “What could it be?”, pondered TechRadar.

Samsung has not made its plans for the IFA Tech Fair explicit; its line-up for the upcoming event was discovered by tech website, The Next Web, after its team went “snooping around” inside the workings of Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked app, which was designed as a teaser for the IFA Fair.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is expected to be released with a 7.7in display, as indicated by its name, and run the Android Honeycomb OS. The new model appears to have a significantly smaller screen than the existing Tab 10.1 and 8.9 models, which were also christened according to the size of their display.

Samsung’s Wave is one of the more popular phones in the firm’s arsenal, offering a 1ghz processor, the intelligent t9 Trace input method, and a HD video player, allowing users to watch their favourite Vic and Bob clips while ‘on the go’. The Wave 3 is likely to continue the trend of Samsung phones running the Bada OS.

The press’ attention has inevitably fallen on the Galaxy Note, which, as of Monday, remains a complete mystery to tech gurus. The only artefact to its existence is a small logo, found in the Mobile Unpacked app. “The name suggests something a little different may be on the way from Samsung, neither a tablet or a smartphone”, explained TechRader. The jury is out on what form the Note will take.

Samsung claims that all will be revealed, regarding the three gadgets, on September 1 2011, the first day of the IFA Tech Fair.

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