iPad 3 and iPhone 5 Rumours

When any new Apple device is in development the rumours swirl and the speculation can pull in many different directions. Both the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 are doubtlessly being slaved over by the development teams and already a few morsels of information have surfaced. Since the iPhone 5 is likely to launch in Autumn 2011 and the iPad 3 should follow in early 2012, more is known about the former than the latter, but it is possible to get a relatively good picture of what they might offer right now.

Firstly the iPhone 5 is almost certainly going to have a dual core processor. It is likely to use the same chipset as the iPad 2 and although clock speeds are less clear it is going to have to step up to the plate in this respect if it is to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation 4G. If you are inclined to believe that Apple will actually be creating a budget-oriented iPhone or an incremental update of the iPhone 4 then perhaps a dual core chip is less essential, but this is a company that has consistently pushed the technical envelope and so taking baby steps is not in its nature.

The iPhone 5 is likely to get an improved camera on the rear, with an eight megapixel sensor rather than the current five megapixel snapper found on the iPhone 4. Full HD 1080p video capture is also allegedly on the cards and this would be in keeping with the functions of its contemporaries.

One thing which critics have noted is that the iOS platform has actually been overtaken by rivals Android and Windows Phone 7 when it comes to functionality and customisation so the arrival of iOS 5 in tandem with the iPhone 5 will add a raft of new features. Amongst these will be an instant messaging service which echoes that found on BlackBerry devices, plus a focus on eliminating the use of USB cables to connect the iPhone to your PC. Instead everything will be handled wirelessly via Wi-Fi or 3G. This will probably result in regular, small updates to save on your data connection.

The iPad 3 is an exciting prospect because some industry insiders actually expect it to arrive before Christmas 2011, which means it will be out within a year of its predecessor. Most expect it to retain the dual core processor of the iPad 2, although there is a possibility that it might have a quad core processor because this will be a feature of tablets launched in 2012.

The iPad 2 disappointed some because its screen resolution did not get any kind of boost despite the presence of the Retina Display on the iPhone 4. Sources speaking in June 2011 said that within the coding for iOS 5 there are clues which point towards a high def display being a feature of the iPad 3 and if Apple wants to push its tablet into the next generation it will definitely be taking this route first. Whether the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 will make you want to throw out your waterproof MP3 player, laptop, desktop and current smartphone in an instant remains to be seen, but these promising rumours bode well for both devices. See also, free iPhone transfer software for you to transfer and sync files between iPad and iPhone without iTunes or iCloud.