3 Common Types of Broadband Internet You Can Start Using Today

If we’re to take a look into history we will notice that a few decades ago the only means of communication was telephones. And even then not everybody could afford having a telephone and the signals was poor and highly unreliable. In only a matter of years the internet was introduced and even though very few people could afford it then the internet has now advanced significantly to the extent that anybody can now afford having the fastest type of broadband internet in their homes. Below are some of the most common forms of broadband internet. You can get started with any of them today and start enjoying your high speed internet.

Mobile Broadband

One of the greatest and most important forms of broadband internet in today’s world is the mobile broadband internet. The mobile internet is now becoming very popular, especially with the advent of cool smartphones like the iPhone and the Android, to the extent that very few people can do without it.

A lot of people who are once used to making use of their computer for everything they do are now swicthing over to their mobile phones, and you will be amazed at how much they can do.

Things are even becoming easier with the introduction of the 4G internet technology that makes it easy for people to download things with speeds as high as 100mbps.

The mobile internet is improving, people are embracing it, and it is fast becoming one of the most important forms of internet connection in the world today.

Fiber Optic

The fiber optic internet is also another great form of internet connection that is becoming quite popular nowadays. The fiber optic internet isn’t that new but is one of the fastest and most reliable forms of broadband internet connection in the world today.

The fiber optic internet has been for more than fifty years now and is consistently improving. The fiber optic internet is also capable of downloading anything from 5mbps to 1gbps. In fact, there was a company that recently tested their fiber optic and announced that it was able to transfer up to 2 peta bytes of data in one second – that is hundreds of millions of gigabytes of data and that only means we’re yet to see anything as far as the broadband internet technology is concerned.

DSL/Cable Broadband

The final type of broadband internet on this list is the DSL and cable broadband internet connection. These particular types of internet connection are also not in any way new but they are very effective and can help you achieve a lot of things within a short period of time.

The DSL internet connection has to be hooked with your phone line to work and it is capable of transferring up to 36mbps of data in one seconds. The cable internet is even more robust and reliable because it is linked with your cable TV and is not affected by the weather.

This guest article is written by Paul who writes about broadband Australia.