Are You Business Traveller? Take Care!

Two words, a familiar phrase, which so often you hear “Take care” when you are going to somewhere far place, abroad. Your colleagues, your boss, your wife, or even your son will say those words to show that they really care about you, hope your business will work well, you don’t find any problems and you come back safely. I think I must say those words too “Take care” because there is a bad devil waiting for you at your destination, a “global roaming access”.

I don’t kid you about that. Yes, it’s true, the global roaming access gives you worldwide data roaming which means you can turn on your laptop or smartphone to get online while you are aboard. But believe me that thing what you should must aware, that thing is a devil. It consumes more your money without you even realized. It charges you up to ten times more than your normal use.

Is there any solution for that? Well, if you are not business man who need to stay-on on your contact number and don’t really care about the security of your data, you should left your smarpthone at home, and buy a new one at your destination or just go to near local computer rental for just a little chit-chat with your friends or send a data. Otherwise, you need to find a right provider and eyes carefully every plans they are offering to you.

A little advice from me on how to find a right provider, find the cheapest price plan based on your regular destination. For example you regularly visit Mexico or Canada and you are resident at US, the Verizon Wireless is the most suit provider. They offer a better price than others for those countries, only $2.05/ MB Canada and $5.12/ MB Mexico. Meanwhile other aspects such speed connection, strong signal and features, most of providers are in the same level.
Is the global roaming access is a devil? Yes, if you don’t take a good care of it, you probably must sell your shoes to afford the charges. Some said it is a legal theft. Don’t let theft take much money from you. Anyway, you can skip this conversation if you are Bill Gate.