What The Kingston’s Wi-Drive can Do for Your iPad/iPhone?

Kingston Wi-Drive for ipad iphone ipod touch

Built to address the ever-increasing storage needs of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users, Wi-Drive allows users to expand the number of documents, images, music and video files they can access from Apple devices. Offered in both 16GB and 32GB sizes, Wi-Drive, along with its app from the App Store, allows users to stream videos, access music or share files with other Apple device owners.

The pocket-sized Wi-Drive utilizes Flash-based technology to store data from USB-compatible PCs. These files are then easily retrieved via Wi-Drive’s built-in wireless signal without requiring cables or an Internet connection. Three users can work simultaneously with different file types from a single Wi-Drive without any performance disruption. Priced at $130 and $175 respectively, Wi-Drive will be available for purchase in late June 2011.