Mitsubishi WD 92840 3D DLP Home Cinema TV — That’s so Big at 92-inch.

Mitsubishi WD 92840 3D DLP Home Cinema TV

As part of the new 2011 television product line-up – 840 Series, the Mitsubishi’s new 92-inch WD 92840 3D DLP Home Cinema TV offers four times the viewing area of a 46-inch LCD TV, and DLP technology is remarkably fast, providing for a more realistic, immersive 3D viewing experience. Priced at $5,999.00, the WD 92840 includes an immersive sound technology (IST) 16-speaker Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system and Bluetooth Audio, without adding wires and other components. Other highlights: New Clear Contrast Screen; Center channel mode and surround channel outputs; Sub-woofer output; 4 HDMI inputs; PerfectColor™/PerfecTint™; Wired IR Input; ISFccc.


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