Electronic Tissue System from Oasis, Wasting Energy?

Electronic Tissue System  from Oasis

Oasis Brands introduced its fully-enclosed, touchless Nvi® (pronounced “en-vee”) Electronic Tissue Dispenser. Mentioned as the industry’s first standard-sized electronic tissue dispenser, the system is designed to reduce waste and labor cost while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination, and is ideal for those with limited range of mobility.

Highlights: ADA compliant when installed properly; Tissue and towels made from rapidly renewable fiber that qualifies for LEED points; Two-year battery life guarantee for electronic dispensers; Sleek, modern design that leaves a lasting impression; Smooth, rounded edges that allow for easy cleaning; Fail-safe mechanism with manual override; considered internal design innovation allows for unmatched reliability; Adjustable tissue length dispensing; AC adapter; Settings for time delay and dispense mode; Size differentiator.


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