Is an SLR the Way Forward for Your Next Digital Camera?

Pentax Korejanairobo K-r DSLR camera

Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras were once only used in the realms of professional photography but can now be used by amateurs keen to achieve a professional-looking finish.

If you are looking for cheap digital cameras that will give you the best result, SLR cameras are a little more expensive but compared to a professional (and professionally priced) camera, are worth it.

An SLR camera will allow the user more control and flexibility over their photographs using different lenses and accessories such as tripods and flashguns. The wide range available means basic models can easily be used by beginners but there are models full of features for those who are more experienced.

The variety of lenses available allow users to get the best out of their subjects. A wide angle lens can be used for a landscape while a macro lens is ideal for smaller subjects when you need to be close up. Lens measurements refer to their focal length, or how close the subject will appear. A 50mm lens is how the subject would appear with the naked eye, an 18mm lens allows a wide angle view while a 300 mm lens allows the user to focus on objects in the distance. Zoom lenses are also available. Remember to check the mount capability to ensure the lens will fit the camera body.

The ISO range refers to the camera’s light sensitivity. The camera’s sensor can be adjusted to allow photos to be taken in low light without a flash. The ISO can range from 100up to around 3200. The shutter speed can also be adjusted, for example a high shutter speed can freeze a object moving at high speeds. Many models have scene modes which can be pre-programmed to be used in certain scenarios such as night-time or sports etc. Some of these are set automatically but can be set manually.

If you are looking at quality from your digital cameras don’t be put off by jargon or more advanced features – digital SLR cameras offer great flexibility and beginners can increase their knowledge with experience.