HP Z210 Workstations for Video Editing

HP Z210 Workstations

HP Z210 Workstation is available in convertible mini-tower (CMT) or highly compact small form factor (SFF) options. Ideal for customers in the video editing, MCAD/AEC, education, public sector and image viewing industries, the HP Z210 models offer a range of professional graphics options, including 2-D choices from AMD and NVIDIA that incorporate dual graphics card capabilities that support up to four 2-D displays. 3-D choices include next-generation processor-integrated Intel high-definition graphics that lower the entry cost for professional 3-D graphics, and entry and midrange graphics from NVIDIA and AMD. The new HP Z210 Workstations are expected to be available this spring. U.S. pricing starts at $659 for the HP Z210 CMT Workstation and $569 for the HP Z210 SFF Workstation.