IDEAL LIFE to Monitor Your Health through Sprint Network

IDEAL LIFE Gluco Manager and IDEAL LIFE Blood Pressure Manager

IDEAL LIFE and Sprint will develop a version of the IDEAL LIFE hub to transmit health data over Sprint Network. The entire system will work wirelessly utilizing Sprint’s machine-to-machine (M2M) platform to transmit medical data to health care providers to support diagnosis and general monitoring. Transmitted data can include the patient’s glucose, blood pressure, weight, heart rate and oxygen level.


Health care is increasingly top of mind for Americans, from physicians and hospitals to patients and care givers. Health care costs increase six percent year-to-year. Physicians and hospitals are overloaded. Errors can occur and those with chronic diseases face challenges. If patients with chronic diseases are able to have their health monitored at home, it could drastically reduce the economic burden while also providing a level of constant and improved care needed for the individual, allowing them to be in control of their own health.