Nike 20XI Golf Ball, Still can’t Find the Hole!

Nike 20XI Golf Ball

Are you a golfer? do you play golf? I don’t, I want to play it, but I still don’t have a chance. Is it an expensive sport? Is it a difficult sport to master? I think so. I wonder if there is a ball that can hit the hole automagically, maybe Harry Potter has it. Ok guys, keep dreaming! You are a muggle, welcome to the real world. But let’s see what we get now from Nike: the new 20XI (pronounced: twenty-X-I) premium golf ball franchise, what is it?

Nike 20XI Golf Ball

The 20XI golf ball utilizes new resin material instead of the traditional rubber cores. What does it means? Resin is a highly neutralized polymer that’s faster and lighter material engineered to produce longer distance and more controlled shots. Do you believe it?

Available in two versions, the 20XI-X (tour-level distance) and 20XI-S (tour-level spin), the balls deliver on faster speed, higher MOI and steeper spin slope. Price? $58.00 MSRP, $45.99 Street Price. But wait until April 29, 2011. While waiting, let’s back to the wizarding world, hit the sack now! and find the hole later.


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