ePassport still has Traditional Look

Do you know the look of ePassport? I thought it’s similar to a credit card with advance chip that stores all of the owner’s data. But I’m wrong, as shown on the image above, the ePassport looks like a traditional passport. I wonder how it works, I still use the old passport here. In this post, I just want to let you know that Gemalto has started to deliver its the Electronic Pasport Solution to Korea, I hope it will also hit my country soon. In Korea, the Gemalto ePassport Operating System and application software are embedded in Gemalto’s highly durable electronic covers. Can you guys make the new ePassport more stylish and as simple as credit card? So we can store it easily in our wallet.

Ah.. Gemalto’s ePassport technologies are already used in over 20 national ePassport programs worldwide including Estonia, Denmark, France, India (diplomatic), Malta, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey and the United States of America. Do you see your country in the list?


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