Grip Vue and Grip Groove: Belkin’s New Cases for iPhone 4

Belkin Grip Vue Case for iPhone 4

Joining the party of iPhone 4’s launching on Verizon Wireless, Belkin comes again with several cases for the new iPhone. As mentioned on its press release, there are three new cases joining the party, these include Grip Vue, Grip Groove, and ProFit Armband. I don’t like the armband, I don’t know why, but I think I don’t need it. The Vue and the Groove look simple and stylish, but what the difference between them. Follow the break to know this.

Belkin Grip Groove Case for iPhone 4

The Grip Vue comes with a translucent sheen with high-gloss finish that enhances the look of the iPhone 4. On the other side, the Grip Groove boasts snug silicone sleeve with a laser-etched design that makes it easy to hold. The Vue sells for $25, it’s $5 more than the Groove. Belkin offers the Vue in two options: Clear and Royal Purple, but the Clear models are currently sold out. And the Groove only offered in one option, there is no choice apparently, it’s only black. As I checked the product page, the Groove is stated as coming soon! It’s worth to wait. But you should ignore them if you want a rugged case for your new iPhone 4, then take a look at the Ballistic LS series case instead.