Xi3 Z3RO Modular Device

 Xi3 Z3RO Modular Device

Xi3 Z3RO is a modular device that allows anyone to simultaneously share the power and functionality of an Xi3 Modular Computer with up to three additional people. It can be permanently or semi-permanently mounted to an Xi3 Modular Computer or attached to a table, desk, monitor or just about anything, thanks to the SLID3™ Interlocking Technology™ system. Measuring 4.9375 X 3.625 X 1.6875 inches and weighing 11.52 ounces, an Xi3 Z3RO is connected to an Xi3 Modular Computer via a USB cable that can be up to 15 feet long. Displayed at the recent CES along with the Xi3 Z3RO, the Xi3 Modular Computer is a small cube-like computer that is completely modular in nature and measures less than 4 inches per side.


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