Toshiba’s New e-STUDIO™ 455SE Series (Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier)


Toshiba introduced its new e-STUDIO™ 455SE Series (models 205/255/305/355/455) that comes with encryption enabled out of the box, and a Data Overwrite Kit. The Data Overwrite Kit ensures that all data is erased after every fax, copy, scan and print job in order to prevent the latent storage of valuable and/or sensitive information on a device, and meets Department of Defense standard 5220.22M.

Highlights: print and scan standard; a full-color touch-screen LCD control panel; scan-to and print-from-USB accessibility from the front of the machine; impressive monthly copy volumes of 80K, 100K, 120K, 125K and 150K respectively; and print speeds of 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 respectively. And last but not least, it features Toshiba’s third generation e-BRIDGE controller with Open Platform architecture that allows third-party software applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange, to integrate directly with the e-STUDIO device.