Must-have Gadgets of 2011

Whenever you are discussing gift ideas for the holidays and beyond, there are two words used in combination that are always high on the gift agenda – electronic gadgets. With technology driving the consumer and gift markets every year, it stands to reason that every retail electronics gadgets section is always packed with new items every season. Look online for Comet Discount Codes so that you can save money on some of these items which can be pretty pricey.

Universal wireless charging ElectroHub

New electronic gadget releases for 2011

No matter if you are looking for some last holiday gift items or just looking ahead to next year, the following will give you some great ideas for gift giving and will also be hot items in 2011:

  • Electro Hub – another wireless charging device to hit the market, the Electro Hub will make its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada this coming January (6th through 9th).
  • iPad – it shouldn’t be surprising that many electronic retailers are predicting Apple’s iPad to be the hot ticket this holiday season. There shouldn’t be any shipping delays or shortages unlike when they first hit the market earlier this year.
  • Powermat – a battery-powered wireless charging device that works for a number of electronic devices such as an iPhone, Nintendo DSi, or a Sony PSP.
  • Proverbial wallets – created by students at MIT, this device can be hooked up to a cellular phone by using Bluetooth. You can tune your proverbial wallet into your credit card accounts using most Smartphones that are on the market.
  • Rechargeable heated slippers for the ladies – keep your feet warm and toasty throughout the winter months with this innovation in comfort. A heating element constructed from stainless steel situated under the forefoot enables these to stay warm unlike the former microwaveable models.
  • Smartstand – an electronic pedestal that can store sheet music by transcribing it into a digital format and afford the music conductor an easier way to perform their duties.

Powermat   wireless charging mat

Popular gadgets

Thanks to advancements and innovations in technology in the past decade, there are certain gadgets that seem to always be popular for gift-giving during the holiday season. The following is a listing of the top perennial favourites and ones that you may find Comet Discount Vouchers online and save you some money when shopping:

  • Android phones and iPhones – both the android phones and the newly released iPhone 4 are expected to be top selling items this holiday season.
  • Camcorders – this may seem like an old-fashioned idea but the Flip Ultra HD and Mino HD are some sound choices to consider.
  • TV’s – with the advent of HD television, many people are finding exceptional deals on LCD and LED TV’s which makes them a good gift choice this year.
  • Video games – it used to be that hardcore online gamers and teens were the market’s driving demographics for video games but now adults and children of all ages are getting involved in this family entertainment format.

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