Which Mobile Phone Operating System?


Back in the dark days we did not worry too much about what operating system our mobile phone used. It was mostly Symbian of course apart from a few phones that used the early and somewhat temperamental and rather quirky Windows Mobile operating system.

Nowadays it is very different and there is a real operating system battle. Of course Symbian is still the front runner, and Windows has caught up considerably; in fact the latest version, Windows Phone 7, is as advanced as any though Windows operating systems account for under 3% of the total market.

Recently two new and highly advanced mobile operating systems have been introduced. These are Apple iOS on which the iPhones are based and Android, an open source operating system originally launched by Google and based on developments made by a small start-up company that Google acquired. Android is now the second most popular system after Symbian.

There is also the RIM system used in the Blackberry which has been developed considerably since its early days when it was directed mainly to businesses.

Despite there being differences between these systems, and they all do work in different ways, to a large extent their functionalities have converged and each operating system will do just about the same things as any other. For most users the most important thing is a system that works reliably and fortunately they all do. For some the special features that are offered by some systems can be important.

Typical phones that use the Android system are the HTC range and include such phones as the HTC Desire which is a much coveted handset packed with stunning features. If you want an HTC phone that runs the Windows OS then there is the HTC Trophy which has direct access to Xbox Live. For people who prefer the latest Symbian operating system, then they should look at some of the latest Nokia phones such as the Nokia N8. Of course some people prefer the Blackberry OS and the latest phone in the Blackberry range, the Blackberry Torch 9800, is certainly worth considering.

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