TheTrulyOne and TheTrustyOne Car Kits for Hands-Free Driving by novero

novero announced the availability of two universal car-kits – TheTrulyOne and TheTrustyOne. Price at $159 and $119 respectively, each kit offers simplicity and ease of use, from voice-dialing to more advanced features including voice-controlled SMS and email, when paired with mobile phones that offer voice activated functions. In order to maximize audio quality, sound is routed through the car’s speakers, and features such as echo cancellation, noise reduction and an adjustable microphone, that can be positioned to suit your height or the position of your seat, make calls and music clear and loud. While on calls, users can manually adjust volume, mute the microphone, and transfer calls to and from their handset. Customers can also enjoy their favorite music, streamed directly from their phone or Bluetooth-enabled iPod.

Darren from said: “Car kits are a nice little touch to personalise your vehicle. This can make longer trips more comfortable and bearable.”


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