nendo’s New Ion Diffuser Design for S.T.Corporation

Text from nendo:
The product and packaging design for an ion diffuser that ionizes water and oxygen molecules through plasma discharge, and uses the resulting oxygenation to disinfect, deodorize and eliminate viruses.

In a market already full of air purifiers and disinfectant filters that target an entire space, the virus attacker uses a fan to release concentrated streams of ions at areas like doors, windows and hallways where viruses and bacteria enter. The design needed to clearly convey the product’s ability to pinpoint strategic areas to attack, a unique technical feature of the virus attacker. To do this, we shaped the neck of the cylindrical dispenser to lean slightly forwards. This helps propel the ions forward, and ensures that it is pointed in the right direction when used. It also ensures that the ions do not simply adhere to the wall when the device be placed along a wall.

We experimented with placing all buttons and indicators at the back of the device, to avoid an overly ‘technical’ effect. But with the device placed on the floor, the angle of the top plane make it the most easily accessible surface, so we decided ultimately to locate the user interface there. The indicator light runs as a ring around the top panel, and the on/off button takes up the entirety of the top panel, making the diffuser extremely easy to use. Positioning the button and indicator light on the top also allow the rear of the casing to remain clear and unencumbered.

All photos by Masayuki Hayashi
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