Devon IT Announces TC10 Zero Client


Devon IT today announced the availability of its TC10 zero client model. Ideal for virtual desktop environments as well as hardware accelerated remote workstations, the TC10 zero client has no application OS, CPU, or processor and offers a rich user experience using the PC-over-IP® (PCoIP®) protocol and allows users to manage desktops centrally.

The TC10 zero client solution offers tremendous flexibility and management benefits for both IT administrators and users. Centralized client management, storage, and processing from a secure data center can drastically improve IT efficiency and reduce associated costs, all while giving users real-time, secure access to corporate applications and files. Virtual computing also gives users a personal, PC-like experience, even though data can be accessed from any similar device. And the minimal footprint of the TC10 eliminates the need to equip even remote users with a complex client device, which can reduce deployment costs.