Alex Dual-display Multimedia eReader [CES 2010]

Based on Andoroid, the Alex dual-display multimedia eReader will be on display at CES today but users can purchase the device starting February 22 for about $400. This eReader incorporates an open system that allows users to download any book or document that confomrs to the Adobe ePUB/PDF/DRM standard or .txt or HTML format. For connectivity, Alex supports WiFi, 3G, EVDO/CDMA and GSM.

“We designed Alex to expand the users’ reading enjoyment, enriching the content whether it is reading for pleasure, education or business, and enhancing the capabilities with access to the growing suite of Android applications,” said Spring Design Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Eric Kmiec. “We believe Alex enables readers to transcend the printed page to an interactive multi-media reading experience; letting children browse classic picture books with music to serious students who can view videos of science experiments online on the LCD screen while reading textbooks on the EPD screen.”


Al Hilal: