New Olive 4HD Hi-Fi Music Server


Coming with 2TB of storage, the new Olive 4HD Hi-Fi music server is easy to setup. This device serves as a control center that can access any digitized music library. As an HD Hi-Fi music server, the Olive 4HD offers sounds at more than 250 times the resolution of CDs. Users can copy music from CD then Olive 4HD will do the rest to reproduce the music using its high-resolution Digital-Analog-Converter (DAC).

“To achieve the highest quality audio means recording at 24-bit,” said Chesky Records founder David Chesky. “CDs cannot reproduce what we capture from musicians during a recording session, and MP3 files degrade the quality even further. But with the Olive 4HD it is now possible to replicate the experience of that golden master recording at home, in full 24-bit.”


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