Imation Pro WX is The World’s First Wireless USB External Hard Drive

Imation Pro WX

Announced today as the the world’s first Wireless USB external hard drive, the Imation Pro WX drive offers 1.5TB of capacity and fast data transfer rates of up to 15MBs/second. The product also comes with an innovative one-to-one connection that limits the possibility of signal interception and securely backs up data whenever it is in range up to 30 feet, similar to a direct attached storage device. It’s said already available for about $450 in the U.S.

“Imation continues to be a world leader in delivering innovative storage products designed for our increasingly wireless world,” said James Depuydt, director of technology, Imation. “We are now the first to provide users with a Wireless USB hard drive to continuously back up their most critical data in a unique product design. We will continue to expand our wireless storage capabilities to enable our customers to easily create, store, manage and share digital information.”