What E-Book Readers Available for 2009 Holiday Season?


Hi everybody, holiday season is coming. It means the shopping times are coming for all of us. It’s also the busiest time for blogger like me to share the best gift ideas for the season. And now I found Engadget started with e-book readers gift guide. most of the devices available from Amazon.com but the rest are sold through other stores such as Best Buy, Sony Store, etc. And we all know the market leader still the Amazon Kindle.

The cheapest one is the Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 (image above). Available in black, silver, and red, this pocket-sized ebook reader available at Amazon.com for about $195. Shop Amazon.com

This is the portable Wiki Reader, all the data has been pre-loaded to its built-in memory. You can buy it from OpenMoko for $99. It’s actually cheaper than the cheapest I mentioned before, but I think it’s not a really book reader as only reads Wikipedia contents.

Since Kindle or Barnes & Noble app freely available for iPhone and iPod touch, people don’t need to have dedicated devices to read the books. What you can do simply give them gift certificate to let them buy books they want to read. Shop Amazon.com

And this is the master of e-book reader, Kindle. Designed and manufactured by Amazon, the Kindle is the most wanted e-book reader since its first generation. Shop Amazon.com

is kind of kindle from Barnes & Noble with similar pricing. As new comer, this device already available for pre-order and will ship on December 18th. You can order now at Barnes & Noble for $259.

Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900
is more expensive than Kindle but cheaper than Kindle DX. Priced at $399, the PRS-900 comes with 7-inch touchscreen. You can buy it from Sony store.

And this is the Kindle DX, expensive at $489. Coming with 9.7-inch screen, it leaves us a question: how cheap is cheap? Shop Amazon.com

IREX DR 800SG available from Best Buy for $449. Featuring 8.1-inch screen, this reader comes with stylus input. Visit the product page.


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