Mobile Broadband Growing and Growing


According to new research by GSM Association (GSMA), the penetration of mobile broadband connection has risen dramatically over the past year, the growth rate is around 66% which means more than nine million of new HSPA broadband subscribers are being added globally every month. And 33% of them are coming from Europe and Asia Pacific. The research also predicts that there will be another 27 million HSPA subscriber by the end of 2009, with regions such as Africa, Eastern Europe and the Americas set to see the biggest growth.

As the next generation network technologies such as HSPA+, LTE, and Wimax already deployed in some countries, the future of mobile broadband is very promising. Offering faster data speeds, these next-gen technologies will enable users to enjoy richer multimedia applications rather than just traditional browsing experiences.

Despite there are already 28 commercially live HSPA+ networks available , the HSPA technology continues its phenomenal growth as thousands of operators, vendors, application and service providers back the technology. And users can take the benefit of the competitiveness as they’re now have many options to choose which package best for their need including the ‘pay as you go mobile broadband’, packages that charging a set fee monthly for the connection and then charge for downloading data in set block sizes similar to the old dial up charging method. You can learn more about it at