ASUS SBC-04D1S-U External Slim BD-Combo Drive


My laptop does support HD content, thank to the 256 MB dedicated graphic card and the LED backlit screen with 1600 x 900 resolution. But since it doesn’t come with Blu-ray drive, I’ve never pushed it to its maximum capabilty. Sure I can download gigabytes of HD content through the internet, but it’s almost impossible with the connection I have this time. Sort story, I need external Blu-ray drive and thank to ASUS with its new SBC-04D1S-U external slim BD-Combo Drive.

SBC-04D1S-U allows you to charge its power from USB ports on your computer. Its vertical stand is ideal for your notebook or PC and it allows you to enjoy high definition videos anytime and anywhere. It is capable of reading 4.8X BD-ROM/R/RE and writing 8X DVD+R/24X CD-R formats