Acer K10 Pico-Projector

acer K10 pico-projector

Measuring at only 12.7 x 12.2 cm, the new Acer K10 pico-projector was announced during CeBIT 2009 in Hannover recently. This small projector is based on Texas Instruments DLP technology with a LED lamp and able to project images or videos in widescreen or 4:3 aspect ratio up to 60-inches diagonal from 2.4m. The LED has 20,000 hours of lifespan and 1,000:1 of contrast ratio. Priced at $443 the K10 supports S-Video mini DIN and D-Sub/VGA connection. To minimize the use of wire, this projector can utilize the Acer laptop battery to get the power. And last but not least, it’s also equipped with a tripod mounting screw on the bottom.

acer K10 pico-projector


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