Solar Powered Phones from Samsung, LG, and ZTE

samsung blue earth solar powered phone

I want to mention three solar powered phones that’s been announced recently including one from Samsung, one from LG, and one from ZTE. Ok lets start from Samsung, the Blue Earth phone, which is described as the first full-touchscreen cell phone to run on solar power. The phone allows users to switch to ‘eco-mode’ to adjust Bluetooth and screen brightness and backlight duration to consume less power. It also features a pedometer to measure how much the user save the earth.

samsung blue earth solar powered phone

lg solar powered phone

After Samsung, now lets see what LG has. Just like Samsung, LG also announced its solar-powered phone at MWC 2009 in Barcelona. With 10 minutes of solar-charge, the Battery able to support 3 minutes of talk time.

zte solar powered phone

And now ZTE comes with Coral-200-Solar Phone. The Coral is reported to be ready in June.

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