Porsche Xbox 360 Steering Wheel (Limited Edition)

The limited edition Porsche Xbox 360 Steering Wheel is compatible with PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. And it’s available in three models (Pure Edition, 911 Turbo S Edition, and Clubsport Edition) which are priced at $150USD, $250USD, $400USD respectively.

Limited Edition Porsche Xbox 360 Steering Wheel

Key features include: * Multi Platform: Xbox 360 – PC – PlayStation® 3 * Backward compatible to existing games on the Xbox 360 – Almost all current racing games support the 6 Speed shifter, including Forza 2 * wireless connection to Xbox 360 and wireless connection through RF dongle to PC and PlayStation 3 (new and improved technology) * Compatible with standard pedals (with clutch), Clubsport pedals (metal), as well as pedals for Microsoft® wireless racing wheel and Logitech® G25 racing wheel * 3 Force Feedback motors and smooth belt drive – deliver sensational realism * Two gear sticks included: 6+1 Speed and sequential