Myvic Electronic Cigarette

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Ever thought how good would it be if there was a way to reduce the harm of cigarettes without giving up the habit of smoking? Here is the answer, Myvic Electronic Cigarette is a revolutionary new product which is drastically healthier than traditional smoking. It will improve your health while giving the same sensations as ordinary cigarettes.

There are more than 4000 chemicals found in the ordinary cigarettes, of which at least 400 are harmful for the human body. They contain, tar, carbon monoxide, benzene, acetone, formaldehyde, arsenic and many others. This chemicals contribute to lung cancer and many other diseases associated with cigarette smoking.

While using Myvic Electronic Cigarette you have to change nicotine refills, which range from high concentrate nicotine to zero nicotine content. The refill contains nicotine and propylene glycol (harmless to human body). Nicotine is not believed to cause cancer, and compared to all the chemicals inhaled while smoking ordinary cigarettes it is relatively harmless.

This revolutionary device can be used anywhere where traditional smoking is forbidden: restaurants, clubs, pubs and even on the planes. It completely simulates the sensation of smoking ordinary cigarettes, it even produces ‘smoke’ which is actually water vapours. 98% of the nicotine contained in the inhaled mist is absorbed by the organism, leaving only propylene glycol which is exhaled and is absolutely harmless to people around you, therefore there is no passive smoking. The ‘smoke’ disappears within seconds after being exhaled, leaving no smoke what so ever inside the building.

Myvic Electronic Cigarette is also cheaper than ordinary cigarettes. It could save you £528 a year, or even more depending on individual smoking habits. The cigarette can be purchased at the price of £39, and a 5 pack of Myvic Refills is priced at £5. One Myvic Refill is equal to approx. 10-20 ordinary cigarettes, which means you pay £5 for the equivalent of approx. 50-100 ordinary cigarettes.

More information on the benefits of the Myvic Electronic Cigarette can be found on the official website at

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