KeyRight Keyboard Improves Typing Skills


The new KeyRight Keyboard just introduced to help users improve their typing skill. This QWERTY keyboard features color-coded keys that identify eight “finger zones” for correct typing. And named as “Look & Learn Keyboard”, the device comes with CD tutorial and $40 of price-tag.

Press Release:

New Keyboard Improves Typing Skills

Mountain View, CA – October, 2008 – The KeyRight Company of Mountain View, California has introduced a colorful computer keyboard designed to teach correct typing.
According to Jerome Whitcroft, KeyRight founder and president, “This new product, called the Look & Learn Keyboard™, helps users of all ages learn, practice and master typing, almost without trying, every time they use their computer or laptop”.

The product is a standard “QWERTY” keyboard that features color-coded keys that identify eight “finger zones” for correct typing. For example, the blue keys are used by the right index finger, while green keys are used by the left index finger, so typists know which finger controls each key.
“The development of motor skills – first – is fundamental to learning to touch type,” says Paul Heide, educational psychologist. “This is the only product that I know of that actually develops the right motor skills. It’s an essential learning tool for any one.”

The keyboard is bundled with an interactive tutorial CD that helps the user develop the correct motor skills, muscle memory and hand-eye co-ordination for fast, accurate and safe typing. University trials showed that the Look & Learn Keyboard was 192% more effective for learning correct keyboarding skills. Whitcroft adds, “Color typing is easy, you can type like a pro in hours – Guaranteed!”

The patented Look & Learn Keyboard™ is priced at $39.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. It is PC and Apple Mac compatible. It is available online at
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