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im2 3g 3.5g modem

About 10 years ago, my friends and I opened an internet café in Indonesia. At that time, we used Dial-Up connection which the speed reaches only 56kbps, and we shared the bandwidth up to 10 PCs, can you imagine how slow it was?

But now time has changed and the internet technology has been growing rapidly. Everybody has forgotten the slow Dial-up connection and begin adopting the faster broadband or mobile broadband internet access. Just to let you know, I wrote this post by benefiting the 3G broadband network. It’s fast and very flexible. As you can in the picture above, I need only a 3G modem that connects to my laptop through USB port.

If you want to adopt the broadband internet just like me, it’s great if you take a bit research first to find the best deal for you. There are many factors you should consider before taking the final decision which provider you choose. But if you live in the UK, don’t worry, the Broadband Expert( can help you to find the best mobile broadband deals or cheap broadband available in your area. And If you’re lucky you can get mobile broadband with free laptop as well, who knows?.