SanDisk Sansa slotMusic Player (New)

SanDisk Sansa slotMusic MP3 Player

I just realized that there is new standard in distributing music, through slotMusic card. This card already common in the United State, and the Sansa slotMusic Player is created to load this card. If you don’t know what the slotMusic card is, it’s a self-loaded microSD card full of music. The expected price set at about $20, but you can opt to the $35 package if you prefer the artist-branded case which comes with one album on a slotMusic card.

“With no need for computers or cords, the Sansa slotMusic Player gives consumers more time to play, and less time to worry about managing or downloading their music,” said Daniel Schreiber, senior vice president and general manager for SanDisk. “SanDisk is all about building products that are easy for consumers to enjoy. Just insert your favorite artist’s slotMusic card into the Sansa slotMusic player and press play.”

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