Margaritaville ‘Tahiti’ Frozen Drink Machine

Margaritaville 'Tahiti' Frozen Drink Machine

Designed by Altitude, the new Margaritaville ‘Tahiti’ Frozen Drink Machine can make three pitchers of bar-quality frozen beverages simultaneously. This machine is mentioned as the ultimate bartender for indoor and outdoor entertaining. If you want it, you need to break your bank account for about $600.

Unlike a blender, this heavy-duty countertop frozen drink maker features two powerful mechanisms: one for shaving the ice in the upper reservoir, the other for blending just the right proportion of ingredients and ice into the glass pitchers. Another innovative feature is the product’s rear reservoir, which collects water from the melting ice on top to prevent watered-down drinks. To make the perfect frozen concoction, simply top off the reservoir with ice, fill the pitchers with the liquids, choose which kind of drink is desired and/or how many glasses you hope to fill, and flip the power switch. The machine automatically makes the perfect drink and stops when the process is complete. The slurry is automatically agitated at timed intervals to keep the consistency perfect.