GETAC B300 Notebook Receives Salt Fog Certification

GETAC B300 Notebook

Someone, I don’t know who, sent me a note to let me know that GETAC received full Salt Fog certification for its B300 notebook computer. The certification was based on testing standards set by the Department of Defense (MIL-STD-810F – 509.4). It means the B300 is ideal for military installations and marine applications.

“Salt is one of the most aggressive chemical compounds in the world,” said Jim Rimay, president, GETAC. “Salt will quickly corrode a computer’s exterior, impair vital electrical system functions through salt deposits and have a physical impact by restricting free movement of its mechanical components. The B300 addresses these issues with its Salt Fog certification and elevates it to an elite status among ruggedized computers for safe and uninterrupted operation in any location, especially in coastal regions of the world.”