Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Data loss is shocking and there are numerous reasons for it, sometimes the accidental deletion and sometimes the malicious virus. In this respect, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software comes as a blessing. I found this hard disk recovery software as one of the best working utility for recovering the data from Windows based systems.

Stellar, as working for the welfare of satisfaction of the customers, offers the demo version of the software without any charge. You can view the various options and even the recoverable data in the right pane of window and to save it actually, this disk recovery software is needed to be bought. The company offers online purchase and even fulfils telephonic orders. They will give the serial key of the software to activate it.
I know all these minor and major details of this software as I was given an opportunity to actually test the software. They asked me to format one of the partitions of the hard drive to check its effectiveness. Then, they installed the software on other system and attached the former hard drive to it. On asking about this behavior, they explained me that installation of the data recovery software on the same system may actually overwrite the desired data. Then I was made sit to see its features and attempt to recover the data. I must tell you that the features of the software were tremendous.

My Experience
The software showed the list of the physical disk and the logical volumes of the attached drives in the left panel. I just clicked the one, on which the formatting was done. This viewed me three options: Standard Scan, Advanced Scan and Create Image. Standard scan does the usual search while Advanced Scan is the better option if the desired results don’t come up with the Standard Scan. Create Image allows you to select some specified region of the drive to create the image and saves it at the specified location. Well, I got the results from the Standard Scan. A single click on the option displayed all the files and folders in a tree format. To recover all the items, two options are there: local drive and the FTP Server. Here you can also deal with the recovery of only the deleted file and folders. However the software also allows you to get the files of the specific type through its File Filter option. You can also recover some selected items from the file tree.

Several other features include aborting the process midway and saving the results and most importantly (which I liked the most) the Live Update feature to catch the recent updates released by the company.

If you are eager to search whole of the physical disk, three options get displayed: Search Logical Drive, RAW File Recovery and Create Image. RAW File Recovery is much valuable in the case of the file system corruption as this search doesn’t take any reference from former the file system.

As per my experience, this hard disk recovery software is valuable in each respect and effective to recover the data completely. You can rely on the software for data recovery in any of the data loss case. Even I was not aware of how to use such kind of software, I didn’t feel any difficulty due to its superb interface.

Software Version & Summary:

Licence: Free to try; $ 99 to buy

OS Required: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista

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