Rebel Black Music Sampling System

Rebel Black

When I read the product name ‘Rebel Black Music Sampling System’, I didn’t understand what the device is meant to be. But after reading its product description, this device is just an FM recorder with extra capability to cutting out hyperactive DJs and adverts automatically.

Features: * Size 195 mm x 80 mm x 70 mm * Weight 1,0 kg * USB Connector Yes * Compatible with SD/MMC Card * External AC Adaptor * FM Receiver Yes * Line in Jack * Headphone Jack Yes * Special Features Automatically saves up to 40 songs from any FM radio;Strips all DJ chat and adverts;Easily tranfers onto MP3 player or mobile phone;Records at zero volume;Hook up to and capture talk-free music from DAB or Internet radio via line-in jack;Mains powered


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