Airwolf Helicopter Replica Sold US $60,000.00 on Ebay

Airwolf Helicopter Replica

I was a fan of Airwolf TV series when i was in junior high school. I still remember that time when the first private TV broadcasting in my area and they used to play the series every Thursday 8 pm.. oh what a moment. And now the auction of Airwolf Helicopter Replica on eBay just waking up my memories. As mentioned on the auction page, the replica was sold US $60,000.00.

The full size Airwolf replica was made with an existing Bell 222A airframe. The side panels, nose panel and refueling port were all made from the specs from the original Airwolf and are exact. The ADF pod and chainguns are not included in this auction, but will be available if anyone is interested. The interior is not finished, but the pilot and co-pilot seats have been reupholstered and the instrument panel has been mocked up. Airwolf inspired a whole generation to learn to fly helicopters and this replica is beautiful.


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