Hands-on of HTC Touch Diamond Arrived at T3

HTC Touch Diamond

They said that the the screen’s sensitivity of HTC Touch Diamond wasn’t properly calibrated yet but they promised the problem will disappear when the phone will be launched next June. As we know, the touch screen powered by 3D TouchFLO 3D technology.

It’s smaller and lighter than the iPhone and the industrial design is stunning. The screen is pin sharp and the innovative digital Rolodex features look fantastic. Just as the HTC suits were keen to mention, the Diamond can be operated solely by one hand, although texting and emailing on the small keyboard may need a bit of practice before omni-control becomes second nature. The superfast HSDPA connection is, indeed, superfast. Web pages are loaded in a jiffy and, with Windows Mobile 6.1 chugging things along, the OS looks damn slick.