Fuji Xerox Copier/Translator (Prototype)

Fuji Xerox Copier Translater

The unnamed Fuji Xerox Copier/Translator is a just standard copier with additional killer features: translating on the fly. What does it mean? it means you can scan Japanese text and the copier will translate it to English transparently and then print it out instantly without changing the layout of the source page.

“Fuji Xerox’s secret lies in networking the unnamed copier to a dedicated translation server and combining this with algorithms that can distinguish between text, drawings and lines for maintaining page layouts,” according to Digital Tokyo World as reported by Crave

In addition to Japanese and English, this Fiji Xerox copier also support Chinese, and Korean. You can translate “to and from” all the mentioned languages.

Via Crave | Find buy Copier at Amazon

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