iPod Touch Coming to Indonesia This Year

iPod Touch

As reported by detikinet.com, the Apple iPod Touch will hit Indoensia this year. This report is based on statement of Malini Mitra, PR Manager of Apple South Asia during iMac pers conference in Jakarta, yesterday. As a successor of the iPod, the iPod touch is coming with super touchscreen as you can find on the iPhone. It also support wireless internet connection that allows users to browse and buy music at iTune music store easily as long as in the WiFi coverage.

In addition the iPod Touch clarification, Malini also confirmed that iPhone will hit Indonesian retail store in 2008. But it is not clear yet about the pricing of iPod Touch and iPhone in Indonesia, but i hope the iPhone coming with the $200 price drop.

New iPod Touch

Via Detikinet | Be the first Indonesian to own iPod Touch, order now at Amazon