The HTC 5800 “Fusion” Showing Its Nose at Qwest

HTC 5800 Fusion

Yes we know HTC trying to expand its product line to UMPC with its new Shift, but until now, the core business is still mobile phone. And see this the HTC Libra S720 aka HTC 5800 Fusion that start available at Qwest Wireless, see again and enjoy the look. Just like another HTC Smartphones, the new Fusion also running on Windows Mobile 6. Powered by QUALCOMM MSM7500 400 MHz processor, this phone works on CDMA 1x/EV-DO Rev.

HTC 5800 Fusion

In addition the feature mentioned above, on the application layer, the HTC 5800 equipped with Microsoft Office Mobile, Outlook Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, ActiveSync, and Microsoft Exchange with Direct Push. On the other side, this phone feature 2MP camera, built-in speaker/microphone, Bluetooth 2.0, and microSD card slot. And finally you can take this phone for $199.99 at

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