2-in-1 Blu-Ray and HD DVD Player From I-O Data


Until now the winning of high definition format has not been awarded to Blu-Ray or HD DVD, the war still running and we can not predict when it will over, but who care when you can enjoy both format from a single device. Yes we can say thank to I-O Data who offers a simple solution by its new 2-in-1 player, the BRD-UXH6.


Utilizing the new BRD-UXH6 we can play both Blu-Ray disc as well as HD DVD disc. And additionally the player allows us to burn Blu-Ray discs in DL/R or RE. As reported by Akihabaranews, the player will costs 460€ or $623 in Japan.

Via Akihabaranews | Browse and buy various Blu-Ray/HD DVD player at Amazon

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