Xbox 360 Now as Cheap as Wii (in Australia)

Xbox core

After dropping the price of the Xbox 360 in America, Microsoft officially has also dropped the price in Australia significantly. Now the Xbox core system costs only A$399.95 or US$313 (the same price as Nintendo Wii)

“I think you’ll see, on a games point of view, we’re well ahead [of the PS3]. And now once again we’re offering all of these experiences at a really affordable price. So I think we will do really well during the holiday period against PlayStation,” McLean said, as reported by “Our strategy was always to focus on the core and serious gamers. We think we’ve done a great job there, and the numbers support that. What we now need to do is start thinking about broadening our strategy, and this price movement is a component of that strategy.”

Via TechDigest | Buy Xbox Core (20GB) at Amazon