Mini PC Stealth LPC-350PCI Has an Open PCI Card Slot

Stealth LPC-350PCI

Stealth Canada announced the availability of its small form factor PC measuring 25.4 x 14.9 x 6.98 cm named LPC-350PCI. The PC configured with Intel Pentium and Celeron M processors. Unlike the other mini PC, the new LPC-350PCI features built-in PCI expansion. “Clients can simply add specialized I/O, video, data acquisition and communications cards, something that cannot be achieved with other small computers such as notebook PCs” remarks Stealth’s President & CEO, Ed Boutilier during press release.

Stealth LPC-350PCI

In addition to the open PCI card slot, the LPC-350PCI Little PC equipped with popular I/O ports such as LAN, Serial, USB 2.0, FireWire, Video, Audio, PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ports. Other features include 160GB of 2.5-inch high-shock hard drive and a slim DVD combo drive. The pricing starting at $995.00 and available now at

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