WebEx PCNow Allows You To Acces Your PC From iPhone Easily

WebEx PC now

Last month i referred you to learn Nate True`s tutorial about HOWTO running remote desktop client on the Apple iPhone, have you followed the instructions carefully? and then how you did it, success or not? if you faced the HOWTO was very tricky i have some thing for you: the WebEx PCNow.

The WebEx PCNow was developed to increase productivity and brings flexibility to your works life by allowing you to access your Office PC from anywhere and from any device including the Apple iPhone. As described on the webpage, WebEx PCNow operates over the WebEx MediaTone Netwok to ensure security, reliability, and high-quality real-time communications. To access your Office PC, you need to install PCNow remote access agent on your Office PC, that’s all. After the agent installed on you Office PC you can start accessing them through web browser by login to pcnow.webex.com. See picture below for better understanding.

WebEx PCNow

By installing WebEx PCNow you can take various benefits such as connecting to your PC while traveling, accessing your files, programs, email, calendar and contacts from anywhere and any device including the Apple iPhone, Sharing files, documents, and pictures directly from your mobile phone, and printing documents on your remote PC to your local printer.

To install WebEx PCNow, the remote PC that you want to control should has broadband internet connection (DSL, Cable, or LAN) and running Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP or Windows Server 2003. But if you want to access the remote PC from iPhone or any other mobilde device, the PC must be running Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Ok guys, now if you want to

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