MyFax Allows You Sending Fax Directly From MS Office Via Email

Using MyFax, you can send your office documents (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) instantly to any fax number. Did you ask how it works? When you decide to send your document to a fax number, Myfax will send your document as email to MyFax server and then they will route your document to the destination. And when someone sending fax to your MyFax number, MyFax will convert the fax document to TIF or PDF format and then send it to your email. Thats’ all. To get started, what you need is a MyFax number (local or toll-free fax number available) that you can register on MyFax webpage.

The MyFax main features include Fax by Email, Fax by web, support any fax machine, auto resend, schedule delivery, delivery confirmation and more. Best of all, MyFax give you 30-Day Trial with full feature include 100 free sent pages and 200 free received pages. I already tested and the page quality they sent to my email is good (both TIF and PDF format). Click the referral-link below to get your MyFax number.

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