Halo 3 Beta Ended, Now The Halo 3 is Getting Closer

Covenant Plasma Rifle

What did you do when you were waiting someone? After testing the Halo 3 beta multiplayer that over about two months ago (June 10), i believe Halo Trilogy fans is waiting the most anticipated Halo 3 out to public in September 25. I was visiting bungie website to find what the Halo 3 developers doing until the release date, they are continue fixing all bugs and it seem all the rest almost ready to launch.

One thing that took my attention is the image of Halo 3 replica weapons made by Jasman Toys which is already displayed during San Diego Comic-Con. Based on the conversation between bungie`s lukem and kindly folks at Jasman Toys, the Halo 3 replica weapons sound very exciting.

“First off, would be the realism. The detail on these guns is amazing! We are still in development on the final pieces, so th ere may be some slight variation to some of the features, but the plasma rifle will have lights and recoil similar to those in the game. It will also have the real sound effects from the game as well as some of the special features including the “overheating” when shot too many times in a row. The plasma pistol will also have the lights and sounds as well as a recoil vibration when shooting and a “super shot mode” when holding down the trigger that will do more damage.” Said kindly folks at Jasman Toys.

“Our Halo Laser Pursuit differs in the way that it is trying to replicate the game instead of just having your basic laser tag game. The target will represent the shields similar to the game. When you are shot the target will show the damage to your shield, if you can get away the shields will recharge back to full power.” He added.

Covenant Energy Sword

The Convenant Plasma Rifle and Pistol will be available in October 2007, but you need a little bit longer for the Convenant Energy Sword, it could be available next year. And then what are you doing?

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