IronKey Flash Drive Can Destruct Itself To Avoid Attacker

What is IronKey Flash Drive, here are the transcripts i grabbed from the flash audio demo:

Designed to be the world`s most secure USB flash drive, The IronKey flash drive locks down your sensitive files and passwords with today`s most advance security technology. It adopts hardware encryption for safe guarding your data, and advance internet protection for secure web browsing.

IronKey protect you whether you are online or on the go. And even your IronKey is lost, your data still protected, because IronKey can be restored from a secure backup to a new IronKey and running again.

IronKey adopts Cryptochip to encrypt all your data with military-grade AES encryption and its “always on” hardware ecnryption cannot be disabled by malware or an intruder. In fact, if the the Cryptochip detect a physical attacks, it initiates a self destruct sequence to destroy the valuable encryption keys.

You can run any portable application directly from IronKey. IronKey comes with pre-configured security software such as Password manager, Secure Backup, and Mozilla Firefox.

The IronKey Pasword Manager designed to store and remember your online passwords, and automatically log you into your online account to circumvent keyloggers and phising attacks. And your bookmarks and password go with you wherever you go to other Windows computers.

The IronKey Secure Backup designed to backup your IronKey for emergency recovery. It create encrypted backups of your data and passwords for emergency recovery or secure transfer to additional Ironkeys.

The IronKey Firefox offers you a way to surf the web without worry, by enabling the feature, then you are on high-speed and stealth browsing technology via IronKeys’s secure sessions service.

Utilizing the IronKey, you can securely store up to 4GB data including documents, music, photos, emails, applctcaion, and other important files.

The body/case of IronKey is filled with an epoxy-bsed potting compound to prevent criminals from getting the internal hardware component, this make the IronKeys not only temperproof, but waterproof far beyond military standards.

About the “Online Services”, it enable additional security features including: securely update your device software, backup and restore password online, and access IronKey’s secure session service.

How to use?
it is simple, just plug the IronKey and it will prompt you a password to unlock your secure file and portable applications. if you type in your password incorrectly 10 time in a row, your IronKey will self destruct to prevent brute-force password attack

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